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The Long-Term Solution

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Cast-In-Place Cement Culvert System

Trenchless & Low-Impact

True Structural Renewal

High-Strength Concrete

Long-Term Service Life

Abrasion Resistant

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Our Spin Casting Procedure

Spin Casting with Structural Cement is the latest in culvert remediation technology, developed to “Fully Restore Structural Integrity” of sub-surface infrastructure, using our High-Strength Cement. This procedure applies the cement material centrifugally around the interior substrate of both arch pipe and round culvert structure. 

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Box Culvert Structural Renewal

The very first Box Culvert project came about when a severely compromised box structure, estimated at 90 plus years old, was discovered after roadway widening and paving had already been completed on a Florida DOT Design Build Project. The Box Culvert Structure happened to be located beneath State Road 64 in the heart of downtown Bradenton, Florida.

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Design Build Services

Construction replacement of sub-surface structure requires excavation, bringing the necessity of lane closure, that is other wise avoidable. When diversion of traffic is just not feasible, allow the Design Build Services Team of JW & Associates USA, with our in-house engineering team help you to develop a Unique Stand-Alone Solution that offers your best option scenario.

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Consulting & Engineering

JW & Associates USA holds the premise that there is a Structurally Sound Solution for every Sub-Surface Infrastructure challenge. Each structure,upon evaluation, has its own individual characteristics, and when you add in the physical properties of surrounding soil conditions, compounded with the task of de-watering, each project will present its own unique challenges.

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“No Dig Solutions”

When we consider the frightening realization that most of our public transportation and sub-surface infrastructure in the United States today is well beyond its service life, the daunting question becomes… How do we begin to address all of the needs? 

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Custom Fabricated Equipment

Innovation is essential and the driving force behind company leadership that visualizes its position at the industry forefront. Creative-design, in-house fabrication and being adept at adjusting to change is simply who we are at JW & Associates USA. After all… Necessity will always be the mother of invention!

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JW & Associates USA is excited about the Sub-Surface Infrastructure Industry and look forward to helping you with No Dig Solutions that provide Full Structural Long Term Solutions.

Offering “NoDigSolutions” on a Global Spectrum for
Culvert Rehabilitation | Drainage Pipe Relining | Storm Culvert Relining | Trenchless Solutions
Your Sub-Surface Infrastructure Experts

We specialize in structural Long-Term solutions for sub-surface infrastructure, focused on NoDig technologies, such as culvert rehabilitation, drainage pipe relining and storm culvert relining. We have contractors who service the entire continental United States as well as internationally.