Custom Fabricated Equipment from JW & Associates USA

Spin Cast Pipe Sled System

Often, Culvert rehabilitation does present difficult conditions. Whether its limited access or confined workspace, in both cases our Spin Cast Sled System is designed for adjusting and assembly without the need for hand tools. Our innovative design and custom fabrication delivers User-Friendly function, unmatched in this industry.

  • Industry Specific Equipment for Spin Cast Cement Placement
  • Made of Commercial Grade Aluminum and Stainless Materials
  • Fully Adjust and Assemble – No Tools Required
  • Adjust for Application in 36” to 120” Culvert and Arch Pipe

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Spin Applied Cement reduces CMP Pipe diameter, however, the Increase to Flow Velocity Brings a Boost In Water Flow Volume!

How Does This Happen?

  • Manning N-Values Reflect Much Greater Friction in CMP Pipe.
  • The Much Lower Manning N-Values of Finished Cement Yields Increase in Water Flow Volume as a result of Higher Water Flow Velocity.

Additional Positive Attributes:

  • Spin Cast Cement Lining is #1 for its Full Structural Renewal.
  • On-Sight Equipment presents a Much Smaller Work Staging Area.
  • Spin Cast technology is a Cast-In-Place Process = “No Dig Solution”
  • Low Impact Work Area Reduces the Need for Management of Traffic.
  • Huge Savings Allows for Maintenance Budget Spending Efficiency.

The Manning N-Values, following the Spin Cast Lining process with our 8k-PLUS High-Strength Structural Cement, Improved from .031 for the formerly Rusted and Perforated CMP culvert, to .012 for its finished Cement Surface.


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SPIN CAST PIPE – A “No Dig Solution”

Generating Full Structural Renewal of Storm Water Culverts. Our primary Methodology involves Centrifugal application of High Strength Cement, restoring Long-Term Service Life.


  • Avoiding open cut Highways & Disturbance of Traffic Flow.
  • Avoid costly pipe Replacement & Gain huge budget savings.
  • Eliminate the Liabilities & Headaches of Excavation.
  • Cast-In-Place Technology/Low-Impact Work Staging Area.
  • Restore Long-Term Service Life with a No Dig Solution That provides a Fully Structural End Result.

Suited for all sub-surface storm water and sanitary infrastructure, including Concrete, Brick, Clay and CMP Steel or whether it’s round pipe or elliptical shaped Arch culvert. Ask us for references from our documented Track Record for Restoring fully compromised sub-surface infrastructure.

Spin Casting of High Strength Cement is the leading method of the pipe re-lining industry for TRUE “Full Structural Renewal”. We were the 1st to develop a “Box Culvert Restoration” process, also engineered to achieve Full Structural renewal. Our methods are Florida DOT approved. Innovators of Unique Application Equipment coupled with Our Own proven Structural Mortar (8k-PLUS) and specific technique all combined to deliver SOUND, SENSIBLE, BUDGET SAVING TECHNOLOGY.


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