Box Culvert Structural Renewal

Box Culvert Structural Renewal

The very first Box Culvert project was a severely compromised structure that was an estimated 90 plus years old, located in the middle of downtown Bradenton, Florida. Two factors existed that are common when facing replacement of sub-surface infrastructure, which forced the Florida Department of Transportation to explore a workable rehab solution.

  1. Diversion of traffic was not an option, along with the fact that City of Bradenton and Manatee County officials were strongly opposed to any procedure that required open cut of SR 64. After all, State Road 64 was One-Way through downtown and served as the lone feeder route to Anna Maria Island on the Florida West Coast.
  2. The funding required to go with excavation and replacement was well beyond the District One annual budget, however our Cast-In-Place solution easily fell under FDOT emergency maintenance guidelines, allowing for a project change order approval.


In August 2011, JW & Associates USA was invited by the primary contractor (Gibbs & Register Construction), to evaluate this challenging structure and offer our solution for a Stand-Alone approach to achieve complete structural renewal. As the developer of procedure solutions, we knew there was a viable method for rehabilitation. Once developed, our recommendations were presented to the project review board, comprised of engineers from FDOT, the Senior Project Manager for the prime contractor performing the SR 64 D/B, and the Engineers of Record (Stantec), overseeing this entire Design Build FDOT State Road project.

Once the board was in agreement that our proposed solution offered true structural renewal as a stand-alone structure and our Cast-In-Place construction procedure could be performed without disruption to traffic, JW & Associates USA was commissioned to prepare and submit a written construction procedure.

After presenting our written procedure in detail, the FDOT engineering team came back to us with only two stipulations to gain our Release For Construction.

  • We would provide complete engineering plans, including calculations that would validate H-20 load capability @ Moment-of-Capacity as a stand-alone structure.
  • JW & Associates USA would also write a Technical Special Provision, submitted with the signature and raised seal of our licensed State of Florida Engineer.

The SR 64 engineers of record stated that our box culvert procedure was performed well inside the contract deadlines. Following completion the primary contractor informed us that we saved the FDOT more than a half a million dollars on an estimated $720,000 storm water structure replacement. The exciting part of the role we played was developing a design plan that met all the engineering demands and gaining FDOT approval. This project remains today as the only known structure of its kind in existence. Not for Long!

The Box Culvert Renewal process differs from our Spin Cast procedure of round and elliptical culvert structure for a couple of design reasons:

  • The structure Dimensions and Load characteristics dictate unique one-off design plans.
  • Cast-In-Place Box Construction demand reinforcing steel to exceed “The Moment of Capacity”.

With just two years in this industry at that time, the Box Culvert Structural Design, earning the “Okay-For-Construction” under Florida DOT’s scrutinizing standards, was sort of a crowning achievement. Thank you for visiting our website and Please Browse Around… Hopefully, you will discover some answers to the tougher projects you are currently facing. We certainly welcome calls from government agencies, engineering drainage team staff, Municipality personnel, along with private sector engineering or contracting firms who have serious concerns, as they relate to storm water and other sub-surface infrastructure. Take a moment to visit our Contact Page by clicking on this link and share your challenge with us. Our team is always eager to help provide the best possible solution! Feel free to email John at