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Business Practices

Business Practices

Storm Culvert Rehabilitation

The focus of JW & Associates USA, is storm water infrastructure solutions. When we are presented a challenge regarding compromised structure our solution will always incorporate three key elements that are fundamental to our approach.

1) Any resolution we would propose would result in complete structural renewal,

2) The proposed resolution would take utmost consideration of economics, combining value with best case practice, and

3) Our procedures are always focused on “Trenchless Solutions” to avoid costly excavation and unnecessary impact to local traffic.

Our Business Practices Include:

  • Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe (CCCP) Lining of Storm Water Culvert
  • Construction Consulting as it relates to Storm Water Systems and Structure
  • Development of Stand Alone Structural Rehabilitation Procedures
  • Job Specific Design Build Services – Unique Tailored Project Procedures
  • Industry Specific Custom Fabricated Equipment – Designed and Built in-house
  • Equipment and Application Procedure Training – Technical Writing
  • On-Site Construction Crew Training – Offered in Real Time Project Work Setting
  • Public Presentation and Speaking on Storm Water Rehabilitation