Manatee County 84” Corrugated Metal Pipe

The Manatee County project involved a severely perforated steel culvert, typical of 40, 50, and 60 plus year CMP in Florida. The preferred method of choice by Manatee County Public Works officials was specified as Centrifugally Cast Cement Pipe (CCCP), or equivalent in their bid advertisement. As with all projects, JW & Associates USA provided the procurement administrator specific language to protect the county and insure they would attract contractors who followed strict performance application procedures using only those materials that meet guidelines for strength and longevity.

The culvert structure carried storm water run-off into a creek, flowing beneath Morgan Johnson Road. This particular structure measured 43 linear feet in length by 7 feet in diameter. You will notice in the photos at right the before conditions and the post construction, showing a cement lining at 2.5” wall thickness, now serving as a monolithic concrete tunnel. Life of service can easily surpass 75 years of maintenance free use, while offering full structural renewal. A project of this size may take approximately 5 working days and in this case presented zero disruption to the daily motorist patterns.