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Custom Fabricated Equipment

The fact that we have already experienced a demand for Design Build Services, the door remains wide open at JW & Associates USA to continue delivering the best overall solutions for true structural renewal in our field of Trenchless Procedures.

Innovation is absolutely essential when the company leadership visualizes their position at the industry forefront. Creative-design, fabrication and the ability to adjust for change is simply part of our origin at JW & Associates USA. From our perspective the most complex projects are viewed as another opportunity. Therefore, creating specialized equipment to fit some unique circumstances is simply a matter of design with the luxury of having our in-house fabrication facility. Having been closely involved with the initial growth of Spin Casting Technology and a force behind procedure awareness in the south, our equipment is rapidly gaining recognition as the industry choice among contractors. That, coupled with our consulting team to provide hands-on-training for contractors who are seeking greater profitability. Upon placing your order for our Spin Casting Sled System, the team at JW & Associates USA is available to help you develop an efficient horizontal culvert lining crew. Our comprehensive approach will transition your selected staff members into a well organized Cast-In-Place Cement application team. Training is conducted on your project and in real-time to convey the procedure skills, proper application and sequential flow of the process, which all leads to a successful application, time-tested and very profitable right from the first project. Our Spin Casting method is Florida DOT approved.

Immediately following our development of the Spin Cast Sled, which we refer to as “Sun Rover”, our design team has completed a miniature version to accommodate smaller culvert diameters ranging from 18” to 30”. The “Sun Rover III” utilizes a 1.5” pneumatic spin nozzle, where “Sun Rover Jr.” is equipped with a 1.0” nozzle. Due to limitations on access to storm water systems, our Sun Rover III Sled system will work in tight space and under limited access conditions. The complete system can be handed through an open manhole piece-by-piece and then reassembled within the tight confines of the project structure without any hand tools required.

Automated systems that will be self-propelled are already part of our design plans, and many other improved features to streamline the application process. The fact that we have already experienced the need for Design Build Services, the door remains wide open at JW & Associates USA for delivering the best overall solution for Trenchless Infrastructure Procedures.

Whether you are a contractor, engineer or manufacturer of High-Strength cement materials, we are available to help you solve the tough problems. Please do not hesitate calling, or send us an email if you wish to seek our input on those difficult project challenges.


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