Operations Training in Drainage Infrastructure

JW & Associates USA, LLC, located in Tampa, Florida, has spent the last 15 years around Geo-Technical engineering, ground stabilization, and sub-surface infrastructure.  Today, our business serves a network of contractors who service storm water structure, along with government agencies charged with maintaining underground infrastructure. If you are a Licensed Contractor, let us help you take advantage of the amazing growth potential in the infrastructure rehab industry.  JW & Associates USA offers solutions designed to achieve Full Structural Renewal of Sub-Surface Infrastructure.  Our success is built upon years in both the engineering and contracting side of subsidence, along with technical skills in equipment design, technical writing and procedural development. Whether you serve in storm water engineering, or as a Licensed Contractor, if you have infrastructure challenges and seeking “No Dig Solution” producing “Long Term” results, JW & Associates USA welcomes your call today.

JW & Associates USA are professionals, dedicated to our mission of providing Structural Renewal of Sub-Surface Infrastructure. We designed our own equipment specializing in Centrifugally Cast-In-Place Pipe.  This Spin Cast Sled System, delivers uniform application of High-Strength Structural Cement for restoring Storm Water Pipe. Considered a Culvert or Pipe Re-Lining method, this approach utilizes a Micro-Silica/Polymer Modified Structural Mortar, allowing us to achieve Full Structural Restoration of severely compromised CMP pipe.

We have developed specialty procedures, adopted by Florida DOT, as part of our One-Off Design Build Services.  These Special Provisions under FDOT, has generated enormous savings to maintenance budgets and restored Box Culvert structures that were otherwise facing open cut roadway excavation and replacement.

We urge you to comb this website and learn all about our Team and discover why we are rapidly emerging as the “Number One” choice for “Trenchless Solutions” through our unique Cast-In-Place High Strength Cement Methodologies. Your toughest challenge is viewed as nothing more than opportunity and we hope to make your job easier by doing what we do best! Pioneers with serious fortitude and Innovative Craftsmen were foundational to the ingredients that brought America to its position as the Greatest Country in human history… The financial misdirection of failed leadership stacks the odds against us, considering the current condition of our countries infrastructure. We plan to do our part at JW & Associates USA on developing & implementing sound structural solutions for the Sub-Surface segment of our nations failing infrastructure, knowing that innovation is paramount to rebuilding in a cost effective way.

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