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Our Spin Casting Procedure

Spin Casting with High Strength Micro Silica Mortar is the new wave process for restoration of compromised culvert structure, offering complete structural renewal.

This Centrifugally Cast-In-Place Cement Culvert Renewal method, also known as Spin Casting, has been developed to avoid excavation and will achieve complete structural renewal, coupled with long-term service life. The unique properties of the High Strength Structural Mortar and its specially blended ad-mixtures are the key material component that defines this process, making Centrifugally Cast-In-Place Cement the most advanced culvert restoration solution for compromised structure.  The material is Portland cement base, adding micro-silica fume as the primary ad-mixture, resulting in a very workable cement material. The application involves Shot-Crete Hand Spraying, trowelling and the uniform Spin Cast phase of application. Three fundamental properties of Micro Silica Cement, growing out of its dense molecule structure, are foundational to the success of Cast-In-Place Culvert Renewal, 1) it has proven to be highly resistant to abrasion, 2) extremely low permeability and 3) very high compressive strength, documented in laboratory testing.

The Spin Casting Procedure

The primary purpose for Spin Casting is to gain its uniform mortar application around the culvert circumference from our constant cement delivery throughout the culvert length. The “Spin Cast Culvert Lining Method”  is essentially utilizing the existing culvert as our form, with the end result being a new “Structurally Sound Monolithic Casting” that offers “Corrosion Protection”. Opting for spray-on Epoxy Finishing can provide the necessary barrier to protect against MIC (Microbial Induced Corrosion), which is found in harsh environments such as waste water systems and for the purpose of lowering the Manning N values, boosting your water flow dynamics. Another plus consideration for Centrifugally Cast-In-Place Cement is the work staging area requirement is half that of all other relining methods and execution is rarely hindered when limited structure access has already eliminated the possibility of other rehab methods such as slip-lining or CIPP.


Town of Malabar and State Road 20 in Leon County