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"No Dig Solutions"

Acknowledging that most of our infrastructure in the United States is well beyond its service life, the daunting question becomes, how do we begin to address all of the needs? All phases have to be addressed in the most cost effective manner using only those methods that provide efficient solutions and “Long-Term Service Life”.

At JW & Associates USA our focus is sub-surface infrastructure and we respectfully suggest that you carefully consider the following four fundamental principals as the underlying influence of your decision making to insure the best outcome in both dollars and sense!.

  1. Avoiding MOT will simplify logistics, while reducing your costs and shortening the project duration.
  2.  “No Dig Solutions” avoid utility relocation, often the largest expense, presenting huge liability exposure to a single line item in new replacement construction.
  3.  The combination of technology, skilled procedure and High-Strength Cement Materials offer results on par with new replacement construction. (Service Life)
  4. All of these add up to Cost Savings, which help you maximize allocated maintenance budgets and expedite your collective list of Capital Improvement Projects.

The ongoing development of Polymer Modified Cements over the last four decades has produced amazing materials. The advanced materials we use have evolved through laboratory testing of various blend combinations using cement enhancing ad-mixtures. There is a dynamic that begs recognition when you combine Micro Silica Structural Mortars” with “Proper Application”. 

This dynamic is transforming compromised culverts into Structurally Sound Drainage Systems. Structure that most engineers would have written-off as beyond repair and needing replacement, has the chance to be fully restored to long-term-service-life through our procedure, using today’s structural mortars. When you weigh in on what we are achieving with our Cast-In-Place technology, one could argue that the end results are comparable, in terms of service life, to those of replacement construction methods, but of course at a much lower cost.

Note:  The remaining content offered here is critical and we recommend you digest the point being made carefully.

The compromised subject structure, no matter how severe its condition, serves as our cement form, providing the structure has not yet collapsed.  The pipe is simply a host for the applied structural cement overlay. Once our material is applied, the “New Cast Cement Structure” becomes the replacement culvert, yielding stand-alone load bearing properties and the service life of a replacement pre-cast culvert. The most significant difference is also the greatest contribution to savings with one pipe being pre-cast above ground, while the other is “Cast-In-Place”. Our work methodology is common among DOT engineers across the country and all aspects follow widely accepted and everyday routine construction procedures. Therein is the beauty of Cast-In-Place and Spin Casting Technology… Our materials and our application steps are all common!

Side Note: (Up to this point in time, the sub-surface structure analysis team at JW & Associates USA has not visited a structure being considered for “Structural Renewal” that was beyond our ability to provide a Structurally Sound Trenchless Solution). Keep in mind that the preceding parenthetical statement is predicated on the fact a culvert being reviewed for our “Design Build Services” consideration is one that has not yet collapsed.

Let us consider one additional factor, which can present significant impact as a result of excavation, and this element is often left out of the replacement construction equation. Months after excavation and structure replacement is completed, the disturbed patch of roadway often reflects a noticeable settlement. This uneven surface is more than a ride annoyance to everyday traffic. The road surface materials are experiencing stress that often will lead to premature maintenance and additional costs. There is no compaction procedure known to man that can perfectly replicate forty plus years of natural settlement. Trenchless Solutions should be a priority in sub-surface project planning to avoid the far-reaching negative impact brought on through excavation. JW & Associates USA is committed to the ongoing development of improving “No-Dig Procedures” that are built upon our fundamental cornerstone of Cast-In-Place technology, which we firmly believe is the only pathway to maintaining True Structural Solutions. As we blaze the trail as leaders of Cast-In-Place Technology, we continue promoting our methodology by diligently educating across the varied engineering disciplines. We are now extending comprehensive training in Hands-On & Real-Time project settings, as a consulting service for those contractors who desire expansion of their tool box of construction services. Sub-Surface Infrastructure presents an amazing opportunity and we discovered long ago that the best foundation for solid business growth starts with a proactive mindset!

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